Club Penguin Fall Fair Cheat for Grab and Spin

OK this is a great cheat for Club Penguin that you can use to get unlimited prize tickets at the Fall Fair in a very short time. This is what you do. Go play the Grab and Spin game at the Dock. Spin the wheel once. Then press the tab key on your keyboard and keep pressing it until you see a yellow box over the End Game button. Then press and hold the Enter key for about a minute. Then click quit and you will have thousands of prize tickets. lol!!!!

Igloo Catalog Cheats for September

ok so the new igloo furniture catalog is out. Looks like they added a bunch of movie-themed furniture which is cool. There are some cheats and secrets too.

  • Click on the wall chalkboard to get the standing chalkboard.
  • Click on the flames in the pizza oven to make them move. Click again for the stainless steel fridge.
  • click on the green music note to get the guitar stand.
  • Click on the umbrella on the umbrella table to get the blender.