Club Penguin Fairy Fables

Club Penguin Play – Fairy Fables

There is a new play at the stage called Club Penguin Fairy Fables and it mixes together some famous fairy tales and stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel.

There are a lot of different costumes that you can get. Here are some screenshots of the catalog.

One the first page you can buy the Twee outfit. She is a fairy and narrates the play. There is a secret item here. If you click on the blue CD player on the shelf behind her you can get a silver wand.

Club Penguin Fairy Fables Page One

On the second page, you can buy Prince Redhood’s costume.

Club Penguin Fairy Fables Page Two

One page three you can buy the Big Bad Wool sheep outfit. It looks pretty cool. You can also buy the Grumpunzel outfit.

Club Penguin Fairy Fables Page Three

On the last page you can buy a director’s hat and a fairy fables background.

Club Penguin Fairy Fables Page Four

Card-Jitsu Is Here

You can now play Card-Jitsu in the Dojo. It is like rock-paper-scissors and is a lot of fun. The room is really crowded so sometimes it is really hard to play.

The game is played with cards and it fire beats snow, snow beats water and water beats fire. Higher numbers beat lower numbers most of the time. You have to play the game a lot to get to Black Belt and then you can play Sensei in a special mode to earn your ninja mask.

Club Penguin Cheats

Here are some easy Club Penguin Cheats for fun:

Astro Barrier Expert Levels

To enter the expert level, wait thirty seconds between level 30 and 31. Then shoot the blue ship that appears.

Speed up the Game

If the server you are on is too crowded, slow or has a lot of lag, or if you’re just on a sucky computer, you can click the plus or minus key (+ or – key) to speed it up. This lowers the resolution of the game. The graphics will look chunky, but the game will move faster.

Rockhopper’s Key

Go to the Coffee shop and then go upstairs to the Book Room. Open up the book shelf and click on the Journal of Captain Rockhopper. Go to the back of the book, and you will find the key.

Make Aqua Grabber Easy

When playing Aqua Grabber, bring a pink puffle with you. If you run out of air during the game, it will give you a bubble to fill up your air.

Credit for these Club Penguin cheats goes to SecretPenguin. Thanks, dude!

Club Penguin Ninjas

There are ninjas appearing everywhere in Club Penguin these days. Look in the ski lodge every 15 minutes to see one appear in the mirror.

Club Penguin Ninja in the mirror
Club Penguin Ninja in the mirror

Gary the Gadget Guy

How to Find Gary the Gadget Guy on Club Penguin

OK so Gary (also known as “G”) is now on Club Penguin just like Rockhopper sometimes is. Y can talk to him and get a free player background card. Gary only is in the secret lab which is for members. You have to have the rad scientist outfit. There is a guide on how to find Gary on Club Penguin but it’s also easy to do like this:

  • Go to the coffee shop (upstairs on second floor)
  • Click the green candle in the bookcase
  • Go down the stairs into the secret lab
  • Wait for Gary to appear

Leave a comment with your server when you spot him so we all know where to find him.

Gary the Gadget Guy