Club Penguin Ninja Stuff

New White Gi

So now you can get a few new things from the martial arts catalog in the secret ninja hideout. There are only two new things. They are the white gi and the tea table. There are no hidden items or secrets in the catalog which is too bad.

It’s the ninja catalog. They should totally have secret items in there!!

Club Penguin Stage Under Construction

The Club Penguin Stage is under construction for the upcoming Penguin Awards. You can see the signs on the outside and if you go inside the stage is empty and has boards and a mop on it. There are a lot of crates on the stage that probably have decorations for the awards.

New Coin Pin

Club Penguin Lucky Coin Pin

The newest pin is the lucky coin and it is hidden on the ski hill. It’s very easy to find because it is sitting on top of the giant pot of gold at the end of the huge rainbow that lands there! Enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day party everyone!

Oh and there is a free item for everyone in the coffee shop. It is the shamrock hat. Members can also get a free accordion in the leprechaun’s house in the forest.

Rockhopper is Here

Rockhopper arrived on the island this weekend and he has been wandering around. Now he has Yarr with him. Usually Yarr just waits on the Migrator but now he follows Rockhopper around. I was hoping Rockhopper would bring white puffles with him on this trip but I think we will have to wait.

White puffles are going to be awesome!