Easter Egg Hunt on Club Penguin

Yo! The Egg Hunt has begun. It kind of rocks this year. Here is where you can find all the eggs. Thank you to SecretPenguin for all the clues.

  • The nightclub (outside in the spotlight)
  • Cove in the water
  • Mine in the mine cart
  • Dojo outside on the post
  • Gift Shop under the fuzzy hat
  • Ski Lodge in the cooler
  • Ski Hill on the signpost
  • Inside the Beacon but turn off the light first

You get pink bunny ears as a prize. Woo-hoo!

No Names Glitch

There is a cool glitch you can do where all the names of penguins disappear on your screen. I read about it on SecretPenguin’s site and I tried it. It is cool. You have to be a member and you have to have the portal box though.

No names

P.S. you can go from place to place with your map and there are still no penguin names so it works everywhere not just in the box dimension. But you have to go there first through the portal to make it work.

April Fool’s Party

The Club Penguin April Fool’s Party is here and it’s pretty crazy. There are a lot of cardboard boxes everywhere that do different things. There’s even a box store at the Snow Forts. Members can buy a portal box that takes penguins to a new area called the Box Dimension. It’s pretty cool.

There’s a free item. It’s the blue propellor cap and you get it in a cardboard box in the Mine. When you put it on with nothing else and use the Dance action, you will fly up in the air a little bit while the propellor cap spins. It’s just like last year’s propellor cap except it is blue and not red.