Adventure Party

Hey everyone. The Adventure Party is here (thanks SecretPenguin for an awesome guide). Here are the highlights!

FREE ITEM: The free item is a green safari hat and you can find it in the Plaza in a box. Another free hat!

MEMBERS ONLY: Members can access a tree fort from the forest area. It’s pretty cool and there is a members-only free item. It’s a tropical bird that sits on your shoulder. It’s like the parrot that Rockhopper brought once.

SCAVENGER HUNT: There is a scavenger hunt to find eight things around the party. When you find all three you get an adventure party player card background. Yawn.

Club Penguin Adventure Party Hunt

June Clothing catalog

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog for June 2009

Hey the June issue of Penguin Style is here. There are a lot of new items and some really old ones too. You can still get the medieval costumes and the Club Penguin awards clothes too but those are on clearance. There are some good clothing catalog cheats in this catalog too and lots of hidden items. Only one of the hidden items is new. It’s the canteen and you get it by clicking on the rock on the second page of the swimsuits.

Here is the page where you can get some of the adventure gear. Coolness!

Club Penguin Adventure Party Clothes

Oh and the new pin is out too. It is in the coffee shop in the book room on the second floor. It is a safari hat pin. Only when I tried to pick it up I got an error saying that item is not available and CP crashed on me!

Club Penguin Safari Hat Pin