Club Penguin Christmas Party for 2009

Awesomess! The Club Penguin XMas Party has begun in the game. The party is pretty huge this year. Almost all of the island is totally decorated with lots of holiday cheer and lights and presents. You can find lots of neat hidden secrets and cheats all around the island because almost all of the rooms are decorated for the party.

The first thing you should do is go over to the Ski Village to get the free Santa Hat. I’m kind of sad that it’s the very same thing they gave out for the 2008 Christmas Party, but if you weren’t a Club Penguin player back then, now’s your chance to have it. Go to the Ski Village and look for the hat in the big green box.

Free Santa Hat in Club Penguin

The other pretty cool thing is the sleigh ride in the Night Club. I’m not a member right now so I couldn’t do it but I watched some of the videos on Youtube and it looks like fun. You can get a Santa Suit if you finish the sleigh game.

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