Dungeon Boss Weekend

Life Reaper Brom Unlocked

I’m playing Dungeon Boss a lot this weekend. It is a very fun RPG game from Big Fish Games. It was featured a few weeks ago as an Apple Editor’s choice and I have been playing on and off. This weekend, one of my favorite heroes from the game, Life Reaper Brom, is showing up more often in the heroic summons, so I save up my gems and lucky me — I unlocked him!

Life Reaper Brom - Portrait

Brom is super powerful and has some insane abilities, even at his lower levels.

Right now I’m struggling through Chapter 15 and am playing through the final stage of the chapter, called . It’s really difficult unless you have some pretty strong Water Element heroes. I’m doing second run through it now after seeing all of my Nature heroes get pwned by the Fire bosses in there. Three cheers for Yasmin Bloom’s Team Heal!

The final boss in Chapter 15 is Kasai, a Fire Element Healer Warrior. He’s protected by two Fire Palm Hermits, who are also Healer Warriors. So basically all these guys can both dish it out and take it! Having Stone Fist in this battle to taunt is probably a really good idea.

Dungeon Boss Chapter 15 Final Battle

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