John James Audubon

Did you know that today (April 26) is the birthday of the famous artist and naturalist John James Audubon? Yep, it’s true. He was born on this day in 1785. I didn’t even know he was born in the 1700s.

Audubon was born in Haiti and then lived in France, but was sent to America by his father to avoid being conscripted into Napoleon’s army. When he was 35 years old, he set out on an adventure across America to document all of the birds he could find.

This led to the publication of his book, Birds of America. Now the Audubon society bears his name and continues his work of naturalism.

Here are three paintings of birds done in watercolor. Feel free to screenshot them or save them and use them as wallpapers or whatever.


Moving On

You probably already know that Club Penguin shut down and is no more. Disney replaced it with a mobile-only game called Club Penguin Island, but it isn’t the same game and there’s no Desktop/Web version.

I haven’t really played the game in years anyway so I took some time to update my site theme and name to something more generic. So now it’s just called¬†Palace of Pansolis, and here I’ll just write about other games or whatever random stuff I feel like talking about.