My Favorite Minecraft Maps

My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is to explore user-created maps. I used to just play solo mode with the computer-generated maps from the game, but it’s so much more fun to download a map that someone else has taken the time to create.

There are lots of places to find great maps. One of the best is (easy name to remember, right?) Another is this list of the best Minecraft Maps.

Some of the best maps on that list are:

  • Super Mansion [Redstone]
  • Skyblock PE [Survival]
  • Wrath of the Fallen [Adventure]

Super Mansion is a fun and quirky map featuring a mansion with lots of cool Redstone-powered contraptions and machinery. It’s great for exploring or for getting inspiration for cool things you can do with your own maps.

Skyblock PE is a survival map built for players of the Minecraft Pocket Edition. It starts small but once you open the little chest and look inside, things get bigger quickly.


Wrath of the Fallen is a sprawling Minecraft Adventure map from Hypixel.

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