My Favorite Minecraft Skins

I already shared with you some of my favorite Minecraft Maps. Now I will share my favorite Minecraft skins.

What’s a skin? In case you don’t know, you can completely change the way you look in Minecraft with skins. You don’t have to keep the default look of Steve if you don’t want to.

Let’s start with the two default skins, Steve and Alex.


These are what the skin files look like. They are just .png files in a special layout and there are a lot of online and downloadable Minecraft skin editors you can use to change them.

The Steve Skin



The Alex Skin


Yeah, they look better in the game, right?

Oh and here is lego Alex. I’m just including this here because it looks cool.


OK, so where to find better Minecraft skins? Start with the Skindex!

The Skindex (

There are some other places to find and preview Minecraft skins. Try these:

And my favorite skins? It’s hard to choose, but here’s a great one from NameMC.



It’s a blue robot! His name is i6G. Say hello, i6G!