The Troop Cards in Clash Royale

A few weeks ago I wrote about Clash Royale from Supercell. It’s a kind of new (but not totally new) card battle game from the same people that made Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. They also made Hay Day, but I never played that game.

There are a lot of different troop cards that you can collect in the game and the troops form the basis of you attack. There are also spell cards, but I’ll talk about those in another post.

Here is a list of all the troop cards you can earn in the game (listed in alphabetical order).

  • Archers
  • Baby Dragon
  • Balloon
  • Barbarians
  • Bomber
  • Dark Prince
  • Fire Spirits
  • Giant
  • Giant Skeleton
  • Goblins
  • Golem
  • Guards
  • Hog Rider
  • Ice Wizard
  • Knight
  • Lava Hound
  • Miner
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Minion Horde
  • Minions
  • Musketeer
  • P.E.K.K.A.
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Royal Giant
  • Skeleton Army
  • Skeletons
  • Sparky
  • Spear Goblins
  • Three Muketeers
  • Valkyrie
  • Witch
  • Wizard

So far, my favorite two troops are the Hog Rider and the Mini P.E.K.K.A. Why? Because when played together, they can form a devastating one-two punch. If you are lucky enough to get both of them in the starting deck, you can surprise most opponents and destroy one of their towers immediately. Not everyone falls for it, but it’s a great attack.


I’d have to say that the Giant is my other favorite troop, especially in the early arenas. He’s slow but makes a great meat shield/tank, and if he arrives at an enemy tower with some health left, he’s really good at taking the tower down.


Clash Royale Tips, Strategies and Advice

Have you tried Clash Royale yet? It’s been out for about two months and is a top game on Google Play and iOS. I’ve been playing for several weeks after taking a break from Dungeon Boss and Supercell’s other game, Boom Beach.



Clash Royale is a multiplayer, card-established, MOBA-lite, tower defense game from Supercell, the giant developer and publisher behind Clash of Clans.


Because of its free to play construction and branding, it might be tempting to compose away Clash Royale as a cash-in or a pay when it’s among the most progressive and well-designed mobile multiplayer experiences on the App Store now.

Clash Royale is a hybrid of tower defense and collectible card games in which two players face off on a tower-load battleground with a custom decks of eight cards. They use these to try and destroy the towers of their adversary while shielding their own within a three minute time period.

Crowns are earned by players, when towers get destroyed, and the player with the most crowns at the conclusion of a match is declared the winner.

They can not simply spam the most powerful cards to steamroll opponents while cards can be purchased by players. Winning players need to employ the right Clash Royale strategies or face certain defeat.

The game’s elixir meter restricts the number of cards that may be used at one time, making positioning and timing essential factors to success in Clash Royale.

Outside of matches, players earn chests which reward them with money and new cards. If players gather enough cards of exactly the same sort, they can pay some gold to level up their units, while earning new cards gives them options to vary up their deck.

Clash Royale also features a card store, family system, and a location to watch replays, which provides plenty of content between matches.

For a game that’s interesting enough on its own, these additional features make it a long-term and more satisfactory experience.

On the other hand, the elements that really make Clash Royale stand out are its fine tuned sense of balance and speedy -yet-satisfying game design.

Also, even if you’re playing with decks of fundamental cards, there are feasible strategies to allow you to take down decks full of uncommon cards and epic poem, and this all is workable in a short, sweet, and very satisfactory three minute blast.

Clash Royale is a heck of a package. Top to bottom, it is an extremely interesting experience that’s so nicely put together it is hard to put down.


Dungeon Boss Weekend

Life Reaper Brom Unlocked

I’m playing Dungeon Boss a lot this weekend. It is a very fun RPG game from Big Fish Games. It was featured a few weeks ago as an Apple Editor’s choice and I have been playing on and off. This weekend, one of my favorite heroes from the game, Life Reaper Brom, is showing up more often in the heroic summons, so I save up my gems and lucky me — I unlocked him!

Life Reaper Brom - Portrait

Brom is super powerful and has some insane abilities, even at his lower levels.

Right now I’m struggling through Chapter 15 and am playing through the final stage of the chapter, called . It’s really difficult unless you have some pretty strong Water Element heroes. I’m doing second run through it now after seeing all of my Nature heroes get pwned by the Fire bosses in there. Three cheers for Yasmin Bloom’s Team Heal!

The final boss in Chapter 15 is Kasai, a Fire Element Healer Warrior. He’s protected by two Fire Palm Hermits, who are also Healer Warriors. So basically all these guys can both dish it out and take it! Having Stone Fist in this battle to taunt is probably a really good idea.

Dungeon Boss Chapter 15 Final Battle

Boom Beach – Your Offense

In Boom Beach from Supercell, there are two main elements to having a successful strategy that is offensive: the deciding of your military makeup and arrangement of deployment, and the application of the specific capabilities of the Gunboat.


The Gunboat has specific capabilities that can aid and support your troops. It needs to be noted, on the other hand, that the and all dangerous skills stun ability allow for friendly fire.

Boom Beach Gunboat

The most frequently used Boom Beach cheats are Barrage and Artillery. Both these deal damage to the opponent ‘s buildings. It’s a good idea before deploying troops to destroy crucial defenses like Boom Cannons and Cannons. However, this order may shift according to the types of troops you plan to deploy. It needs to be noted that shells from both of these price splash damage to enemy buildings; more or two buildings that touch can be damaged by one shell.

For militaries consisting of lower-health units, including Riflemen and Zookas, defensive buildings should be targeted in this arrangement (with Artillery or Batteries), with number one taking the best precedence:

Rocket Launchers, due to high range and splash damage. A single chain of shots may have the ability to wipe out most of a military that consists of low health units.

Capability to one, and mortars, because of splash damage hit their long range against Zookas.

Flamethrowers, because of their ability to inflict high damage to multiple units along with their damage.

Sniper Towers, because of ability to one -shot lower- comparatively fast shooting speed and health units. Not as dangerous -health units as another defensive buildings, nevertheless.

Boom Beach Island Map

Cannons are essentially smaller Boom Cannons with a somewhat higher rate of fire, and are so destroyed for precisely the same reasoning. If the Cannon in question can one-shot the troop(s) you plan to deploy, it may be advisable to prioritize the Cannon over a Boom Cannon, as they’ve similar health and the Cannon fires quicker (and will hence kill more of your troops).

Machine Guns are able to make short work of low health units, notably at close range, but the problem will be readily solved by a Heavy or multiple Heavies.

Boom Cannons can readily one-hit kill a health unit that is low, but swarming this defensive structure with enough units will readily make waste of it.

For armies that rely on high health units, including Tanks and Heavies, defensive buildings should be targeted in this arrangement (with Artillery or Batteries), with number one taking the best precedence:

Boom Cannons’ high and long range damage enable them to pick of your high health units one by one, badly crippling your military.
Cannons additionally deal high damage to high health units and can eat away at your heavies fairly nicely, but they are prevented by their shorter range from getting as many shots off before being destroyed, in order that they should be prioritized after Boom Cannons.

Rocket Launchers have adequate and exceptionally long range DPS splash damage allowing them to pummel your Troops all for a long time. In addition, if your Heavies get in its blind spot, it’s going to begin killing your fragile Zookas which have a range more than the blind spot of the Rocket Launcher.

Sniper Towers deal adequate, long range damage to your Troops. Given enough time, troops can badly damage your health Troops that are high, but their health that is higher than normal makes them advantageous to take out with Gunboat Weaponry.
Mortars have shots that drop which may lead them to fire over your Heavies as they move up which may result in a ball Zookas.

Flamethrowers can deal high damage to balls if they may be permitted to, but their short range hinders their ability to fire your Troops long enough to make a big difference. Tanks may also destroy it without it hitting any of them because Tanks have a longer strike range in relation to the Flamethrower.
Machine Guns do such low, erroneous damage, they can be a really low danger to high health units.

Another ability that is extremely significant is the Flare, previously known as the signal smoke. This ability is utilized to attack a specific building or to direct troops towards a designated location. The attentive utilisation of the Flare is a great method to destroy the adversary’s defensive buildings like the Cannon that can only fire one target simultaneously and the Sniper Tower. It needs to be noted, nevertheless, the Flare can be used in conjunction with the Shock Blast to ease a Warrior rush at the HQ.

Both Shock Bomb and the Smoke Screen enable troops the opportunity at not being hit by defenses. The main difference, however, is the Smoke Screen shields troops from enemy fire within its area of effect (enabling troops to move through it but not shoot), while the Shock Blast disables defenses within its area of effect. It’s recommended to use these to disable and/or prevent the effect of high damage or splash damage units, depending on which military makeup can be used.

Troops can be fixed with use of the Medkit. It needs to be noted that although it can be used to counteract the damage like Flamethrower, Machine Gun and the Mortar, it doesn’t do much to counteract the damage -target defenses, notably at higher degrees. They’re especially useful when working with Flamethrowers, as it deals damage to troops even after it’s stopped shooting fires at them.

Common Offensive Maneuvers

There is a meat shield when you use high health troops in your front line of attack to defend your rear line. The most common sort of meatshield military is the Heavy- Hooka or Zooka military. This is really useful against moderate-degree bases with few high-dps single shot defenses.

Generally used with Riflemen, opposing defenses are overwhelmed by attackers with the sheer amount of troops deployed. Single shot defenses are usually no match for this particular military, but Rocket Launchers, and Mortars, Flamethrowers can damage and take out many troops simultaneously.

A base that’s laid out with the map’s HQ at the rear is exposed to being sniped. By sending around enemy defenses with Flares or Riflemen, a HQ with few defenses behind it is not invulnerable to attack in the tree-covered areas behind the foundation. Use this to your advantage.

HQ Racing
Generally used with Warriors, supporting them and Shock Bombs and Flaring the HQ, the Warriors immediately destroy the HQ due to their high damage. AOE (area of effect) and splash damage is generally fixed back by the Warriors, but high level Boom Cannons, Cannons and Sniper Towers can 1 shot or 2 shot them so remember to Shock Blast these defenses.

Poptropica Walkthrough and Secrets for Early Poptropica



Early Poptropica


Early Poptropica is the 1st island to arise in Poptropica. On it, the isles earliest inhabitants request that you help them locate three stolen items: a pig, bucket, and a signal flag.

First Place: Main Street

Once you climb-down from the blimp, you’ll end up on Main Street. Go inside the Pop Art Museum to see art from famous artists and speak to the artists themselves. Meet other players inside both multi-player rooms: the Soda Pop Shop and the Arcade.

You could start investigating by climbing up the Watertower. You Will notice a flag there, but you will not be capable to attain it. If you want it’s possible for you to leap down now, but you should wait till you get your Glow-Stick. Getting backup isn’t so simple!

The Outdated Area of Town

The characters here appear like pilgrims, and the properties appear to be old cottages. If you talk to these early inhabitants, they will tell you about the items they are missing: One pilgrim is lacking a Pig, one is lacking a Pail, and the third is overlooking a Sign Flag.

Do you recall? that Glow Stick we mentioned? You’ll be able to find it here if you clim down inside the well and jump from platform to platform. Walk in to the Glow Stick to add it for your items.

Return to Main Street

Now that you have the Glow-Stick, it is time to research that manhole. Leap down to the bottom. Even if you fall all the way to the base, you will nevertheless land in your feet. Then jump over go right and the green spider to find the prized porker. Touch the pig to include it for your items. You might be tempted to depart the manhole now, but there is more to be located down there. Get past the green spider again and enter the tunnel in your left.

When you see a rope, climb up. Keep climbing till you find the Golden Egg. There are hints written on the partitions to inform you if you should be going in the correct course. When you locate the Golden Egg, contact it to include it for your things.

After you get the Egg, travel up to locate a way out, and you’ll end up in front of Poptropica Towers.

Exploring Poptropica Towers

So now you might have the Pig, but you nevertheless want the Flag and the Bucket. Since you’re at Poptropica Towers, you should begin researching the city road lined with tall buildings. Jump to the ledge of the first building you see and head for the roof! Travel from rooftop to rooftop, bouncing off clotheslines to help you. Climb to the very top, which looks like a roof-top restaurant, when you attain the blue creating.

Land of the Purple Giant

Now you are above the clouds in the kingdom of the Giant. Go right until you see an enormous pair of purple toes. Click on them to communicate with the giant. He Will take your Golden Egg as defrayal to enter his kitchen garden. You’ll locate the pail among the tremendous garden vegetables.

Enter the Plane Graveyard

Keep going right until you find the Aircraft Graveyard. You can not use any of the airplanes here, but if you look carefully, you’ll find a Jet Pack. This is merely what you should get to large places–like the best of the Watertower, where the Sign Flag expects you.

Get back to Main Street any manner it is possible to. Afterward use the Jetpack to fly to the top of the Watertower. To fly, transfer your cursor till you see a green-up-arrow. Click and hold to move-up. Afterward go left or right. When you attain the best of the tower, click the Flag to include it to your things.

Now you have the Pig, the Bucket, and the Flag. Head straight back to Early Poptropica. (You can fly if you want to, but you will need to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Discuss to each of the three pilgrims who were lost things. When you do, the things came back to their first owners and will be taken from your Stock. Once you return the Signal Flag, a ship will sail right on up to the dock. Speak with the dude on the boat, and he provides you with thanks with the Early Poptropica Medallion. Nice job!

24 Carrot Isle Help and Step-by-Step Directions

Poptropica 24 Carrot Island

24 Carrot Isle is a challenging early island quest in Poptropica where you mus assist the townspeople and help discover what occurred to their carrots.  This experience will take you deep into the secret lair of the evil Dr. Hare, who has secretly stolen all the carrots for a nefarious strategy. This Poptropica 24 Carrot Island walkthrough shows you how you can make it all the way through the 24 Carrot Isle assignment in Poptropica.

Starting Out in 24 Carrot Island

Once you arrive by balloon on the isle, jump down and go left towards the Carrot Farm.  Walk past the farmer and jump up onto the roof of your house and then go down the chimney.  Once you’re inside, walk to the right and you’ll have the ability to get an empty bowl.  Next return to the exterior of your house by going into the hearth and back up through the chimney.  Go right to return to the beginning area.  Walk a few paces to the right and then go inside the eatery, called the Carrot King Diner.  Speak to the waitress right by the door and ask her  to fill your bowl with milk.  Then return back outside and return to the Carrot Farm. Return back into the house through the chimney.

This time, proceed to the right.  You will automatically set the bowl of milk on the floor where you picked it up.  Head to the right and jump up onto the second floor and then run to the left over to where the bathtub is.  Turn on the water. A little cat will leap out of the tub.  The cat will go along slowly if you follow him. Keep going until you and the cat go all the way downstairs.  The cat will be quite happy to see the bowl of milk and will drink it.  The cat will become very friendly to you personally and will follow you wherever you go.  Once again, go outside the cat and the farmhouse will follow you. Next go right to return to Main Street.

Now go right past the diner and the theater and go into Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co.  Walk to the right and speak to the girl standing alongside the counter wearing the apron.  Discuss with the woman and she will offer you a crowbar as a reward for locating her lost cat.

Go outside of Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co. and then go right.  Visit the next area, called the Factory.  Once you arrive, keep going to the right.  Leap up onto the roof to find the vent blueprint.  You don’t really desire it but it will be able to help you navigate the ports inside the factory if you get a little lost.  Go down the other side of the factory and you’ll locate a passage with a grate on it.  Snap on the grate covering the pipe. You’ll use the crowbar to open up it. Afterward go inside.

Navigating the Factory

Run left through the pipe and pick up the Carrot Transporter.  You won’t really need this either, but it is cool to have.  Head up the left side of the conduit and after that run right back over the valves as they close.  The trick to get over these is to stand at the edge and be patient.  Start running just as they’re closing and do one at a time.  Some of the valves will open and close more fast than the others so watch out!

Keep going and you will see a giant rat.  He’s quite easy to prevent if you jump up into the little section of conduit that goes above.  Run through it and go down another side to the left.  Jump up through the top and you will be inside a dark room inside the factory.

Inside the Factory

The Machine Room

Walk a couple of steps to the left and you’ll wind up standing beside the master engine panel.  There are three levers on the machine and they’re all in the up location.  Move the left lever so that it’s halfway between up and down.  You might find the green light over the lever will illuminate.  Repeat this process with both the middle and the right levers.  All three green lights will light up and then the main lights in the room will go on and the master engine will start moving.

Head over to the right side of the room and jump on the cartons.  Next get as much as the left onto the stage after which along with the barrels.  Next leap up onto the mechanical arm as it passes by.  It will come to some platform on the right and when it does, jump off onto the platform and enter the open port.

The Vent

The port is a series of shadowy passageways that link different rooms inside the Factory.  Lost? You can use the patterns which you found out on the roof.  Go down to the left and go forward until you run into part of the passage that is covered in ice and snow.  Go up and through that passageway after which down the other side.  You will immediately come to where there is a pair of wire cutters on the ground.  Pick them up and then keep moving to the right until you locate a grate in the passageway.  Click on the grate to go through to the next room.

The Security System

You will arrive on a platform with a sign that says Security System and where the word empowered is lit up.  Jump down onto the ground and very rapidly a flying security robot will locate you and then zap you.  After you’ve been zapped, you’ll be transported to a new room.  You will see a panel above and to the right marked as the security system.  Click on the panel after which use the wire cutters to cut all three wires and shut down the security system.  Go around the right and you’ll see a grate you are able to go through to return into the port passages.

Packing Room

Leap up and go inside the vent. Afterward head up and to the right.  Soon you’ll arrive next to another grate.  Go indoors to enter the carrot packing room.  The first challenge you will face in here are chutes with crates of carrots that fall through.  To get past this part, you should wait at the edge of the chutes and watch for the crates. Then run to the next one.  The crates come in groups of distinct numbers.  It is easy to find out the patterns if you are patient and make it all the way through.  When you get past the chutes, visit the right and drop to the ground. then head around to the left of the room.

Shortly you’ll locate a girl wearing a set of metal rabbit ears and peculiar swirly eyeglasses. Click on her and say, “Hey, What’s that behind you?” You Will see a closeup of the top of the rabbit ears.  Click the button on the ears and the hypnotic power will be disabled.  She is going to get a printout in the giant machine that offers you the system password for the computer which is: fuzzybunny.  Now go just a little to the left and jump back up to the port grate where you entered.  Head back into the port passageway.

Back to the Security Robot Room

And now you need to go through the vents and return to the security room where you’re zapped by the security robot.

You can continue safely by means of this room because you disabled the security system.  Visit the bottom right where you see a doorway and a sign that says, “Authorized Bunny Drones Only.”  When you try and go through the door, you’ll drop through a trap door in the earth because you aren’t an authorized bunny drone.  That is fine, we are about to take good care of that.  After going through the trap door in the ground, you will land in another room in the factory.  Drop down to the left and you will end up on a moving conveyer belt.  Move to the right, taking care not to get squished by the carrot smashing presses in this room.  There’s also some hot carrot juice that comes out that will burn you if you get hit.  After you avoid these barriers, leap up onto the platform and you’ll see a mechanical bunny ears hat exactly like the girl in the other room was wearing.  Pick it up to put it in your back pack.  Just do it and put them  on now and then go through the Exit.

Next you will return to the secuirty robot room.  Go back to the big security door. Now that you’re wearing the ears, you’ll manage to pass through.

The Villain Dr. Hare

When you arrive in the next area, you will see the villain Dr. Hare. He believes you’re one of his drones and tells you to start the launching sequence for his big spaceship.  Leap up onto the rocket.  There will be a platform on the right with a large computer on it and a man wearing the drone ears next to it.  Talk to him and choose the alternative, “Look a giant bunny!” you will zoom in on his ears.  Turn them  off by clicking on the power button on the ears.  Then click on the computer and enter the password, which is fuzzybunny.  It’ll then ask you to enter a command.  The right command is “launch rabbot”.  Remember to spell it with an o and not an i.  Rabbot is the name of the robot spaceship.

Next, the rocket will launch and you may control it using the computer.  Your goal is really to crash the rocket into the asteroids which you see on the screen.  Whenever you hit one, Dr. Hare will shout at you. After you hit four asteroids, the robot spaceship will explode and Dr. Hare will fly off into space.  You did it! Now follow the guy up the rope and from the factory.

You will emerge again in Main Street and everyone here is happy and active repairing the town.  Walk to the left where you’ll locate the Mayor of 24 Carrot Island.  He’ll thank you for saving the town and provide you with a medallion.

Holiday Party Over and New Year News

The Club Penguin Holiday party finally came to an abrupt end today. There’s a post in the Community section of the web site by Billy Bob and he talks about the party ending and a whole bunch of new things that are coming in 2010. One of them will be the long-awaited Mission 11 which will continue the story of Herbert the polar bear.

I guess 2009 will be known as the Year Without a Mission because mission 10 came out in December 2008. Today is the one-year anniversary of it! Now it will take CP more than a whole year to come up with the next one!

There are some other new things coming but there are only some little hints about what they are. There’s some news about new games and a hint that there will be something new with puffles this year. Maybe it will be a new color puffle!