Club Penguin Band Back at Iceberg

The Club Penguin band is back at the iceberg after taking their break and wandering around the island. If you didn’t get a chance to meet them and get the special background don’t worry because they will probably take a break again I think. I will be watching for them.

There is a new edition of the newspaper

OK so there is a new issue of the CP newspaper today and it talks about a lot of stuff that rocks!!! Like the Club Penguin band and also a big rumor about the green puffle in the night club. All signs point to something big happening in the night club soon but we will just have to wait and see!!!

Rockhopper is here

Has anyone seen Rockhopper at the big party? I have not found him yet but I will keep looking. I got the free sailor hat and the striped shirt!

April Fool’s Party on CP

The April Fool’s Party on CP is really cool and there are lots of neat surprises. My favorite are the rooms that have been re-done with sketches. Go to the lighthouse to see what I mean.